In a couple short days, MapleStory Adventures will be closing. It lasted over two years.


With the addition of the new jobs, Bowman and Thief, to MapleStory Adventures, I have updated the Class Information section with the new jobs and some of the skills information. As soon as I get full skill information then I will finish up with that.

After you check out the site, go make a new character. Also, you can now create more than one character. So get to it.

Happy Mapling!

Among some of the changes a couple more interesting ones are the lowering of EXP and Enchanting.

My level 18 character today had a needed experience of over 24,000. Now it needs only over 14,000. A fair experience drop if you ask me.

Next, get ready to use your Enchant scrolls you have been saving. Enchanting is here! Different items take a different number of enchant scrolls to use. Find Alberich the Enchanter in any town to begin the upgrading of items!

There were a few more updates, to read all the notes.

Nexon just released via the MapleStory Adventures Facebook page that the Open Beta will begin at 4pm pacific time (7pm eastern time) today. Get a good nights sleep and get ready to play tomorrow!

Nexon just announced, through the MapleStory Adventures Facebook page, that the official launch date of the open beta of MapleStory Adventures will be Wednesday July 27. So get geared up and get ready, it’s coming!